About Angus Australia

About Angus Australia


The Angus Society of Australia (Angus Australia) was established in 1919 and has a vision to provide leadership in the delivery of innovative programs that enhance and promote the value of Angus cattle and Angus beef products.

Angus   Australia   is   a   member   based   organisation focused  on  supporting  the  genetic  improvement of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and  beef.  Angus Australia has over 3,700 members (check 2017 statistics), with the majority actively involved in the breeding of pedigree Angus cattle.  These Angus breeders are responsible for over 40% of animals registered in Australian pedigree beef herds

Angus Australia’s strategic objective is to undertake activities which advance the interests of the Australian Angus-based cattle industry by:

(a) Maintaining the Breeding Registers and any other pedigree and performance records needed for the genetic advancement of Angus-based cattle;

(b) Increasing members’ ability to develop and produce world-leading Angus-based cattle and related genetics;

(c) Increasing members’ ability to market world-leading Australian Angus-based cattle and related genetics;

(d) Increasing members’ ability to produce and market world-leading Australian Angus-based beef and related animal by-products;

(e) Establishing relationships with other organisations whose purpose is to improve and promote the beef cattle industry.

It’s no secret that Angus is the breed of choice in much of Australia and Angus Australia works in conjunction with members to keep the Angus breed at the leading edge.

The Angus Australia head office is based in Armidale in northern New South Wales with a staff of over 20 full time employees.

Angus Australia is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for making key strategy and policy decisions, and is supported by State Committees and Regional Groups who promote the interests of the Angus breed and run various breed promotion activities around Australia.



Breed Development:

Providing members and their customers with tools to achieve continuous enhancement of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and beef products by ensuring accurate genetic description of Angus and Angus-influenced seedstock for all traits of economic importance; providing member support services and tools that enabling optimal design of Angus based breeding programs and effective animal selection strategies; conducting relevant research and development projects to improve the genetic evaluation tools available to members and collaboration with industry research and development organisations, genetic evaluation service providers and other stakeholders to enable rapid and effective utilisation of emerging technologies.

Commercial Supply Chain:

Engagement with major stakeholders in the beef supply chain to facilitate the success of initiatives that assist members achieve greater returns from the production of quality Angus and Angus influenced cattle.

Angus Brand Verification is a key component of the Commercial Supply Chain program, verifying the Angus breed content of proprietary Angus brands in domestic and export markets. Angus Australia is the only independent verifier that Angus is indeed Angus.

Education & Extension:

Enhancing member skills through the development and delivery of industry leading education and extension programs through: development of educational and information resources; delivery of innovative education and extension activities, including workshops, field activities;  direct member consultation; and development of new innovative extension tools and educational resources to facilitate the effective delivery of education and extension programs.

Information systems:

Develop, implement and maintain a modern database system to manage membership and animal records, including complete registration, inventory,  ownership, DNA and performance information, and to provide a simple and efficient web-based interface for data transactions and queries.

Marketing & Communications:

Promoting the value of Angus cattle and beef; and providing effective communication on the value of Angus cattle and Angus Australia’s innovative services between Angus Australia and its members and other stakeholders, via a range of electronic and print media.

The marketing team also provides a range of graphic designs services to members.

Member services:

Provides efficient, accurate and timely services to Angus Australia members in the areas of, Registrations, DNA, Angus Export, Sale Catalogue and performance data processing.

Organisational Support:

Ensuring Angus Australia operates as a progressive and effective organisation with quality human resource capability that satisfies members’ needs, monitors strategic direction and complies with all legal and corporate requirements.

Strategic Projects:

Develop and implement innovative strategic projects to enhance the value of Angus.

Projects include, conducting the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) on elite Angus sires to generate essential knowledge and data, on hard-to-measure traits, required for effective use of genomics; conducting research to increase accuracy of the genetic description of Angus seedstock for traits of economic importance; providing certification of breeding animals for live export and coordinating initiatives to support the development of Angus in northern Australia;

Youth development:

Enhancing youth skills and involvement, and developing beef industry leaders of the future through the conduct of a relevant and vibrant youth development program, including the Angus Youth National Roundup, the GenAngus Leaders Program and other youth initiatives.